Mallorca with Kids

Mallorca with Kids

Maro beach, Alcudia, Mallorca

Maro beach.

Eleven years ago we had this really wonderful holiday in Mallorca which is an island situated in the Mediterranean, Southeast from the mainland of Spain. We noticed that this summer there were cheap flights from Malaga to Mallorca (around 90 euros per person, a roundtrip), so we wanted to go there once again to refresh our memory. This is where we got engaged 11 years ago, and it was our first real holiday trip together, not just the two of us but also with Antti’s kids Amanda end Emma. We remembered that Mallorca was a real family retreat and had many good activities for the kids. But as it turned out, we didn’t really visit any of the bigger attractions this time, like we did before. This was mainly because of the weather which was cloudy and even rainy most of the time, and also because we felt like the kids didn’t really need anything more than they already had for action. Yeah, so if you plan on going to Mallorca and want to have a sunny weather, I’d recommend going during the summer months (June, July, August). We went on the first week of September, and although it was warm (20-25 degrees celsius), it wasn’t sunny. But then again we didn’t really need to go to the beach or pool that much because we’ve already done that a lot since we now live in Southern Spain.

Pool, Prinshotel La Dorada, Spain

Luna at the hotel pool.

Our hotel was called Prinsotel Dorada and it was located in Alcudia, Maro beach, on the Northern coast of the island. We liked the hotel a lot. We had an apartment so that the kids slept in the living room and we had a bedroom of our own. There was a kitchen with a stove and a big bathroom with two showers. Antti even said he enjoyed the showering maybe the most on this holiday, the equally warm water with good pressure (which we don’t have at home). The pool area was big, there were several pools with different depths and a kids’ pool with a slide and other toys. There was a kids’ club too. It was open every day, during the morning and then again in the afternoon. They had a lot of good activities for the kids. Our kids participated in drawing/colouring, painting t-shirts, making crowns on the princess day and horseback riding. There was also a playground right beside the kids club house. And of course they had a minidisco every evening. The spa at the hotel was really nice too. I wish we had used it more, I only went there once alone. It was a separated area which you could book for half an hour each time, the cost being 10 euro per room. There was a big enough sauna (really clean), a steam sauna and two different showers with different functions. You could also use the big inside pool and the hot tub which were close to the spa area, but for everyone’s use. The downside was that you couldn’t take any kids to the spa area (which was the reason we didn’t go there much).

What I’d recommend to do with kids in Mallorca:

Family biking

The kids riding a family bike.

- Go to the beach. Long and shallow beaches with clear water. (Although not that long and shallow as a remembered)
- Take a horse carriage ride
- Rent a family bike (the adults do the job and the kids sit in the front)
- Go to the marina area in Alcudia. A big and beautiful marina with rides and trampolines for the kids. Many stores for shopping maniacs and plenty of restaurants
- Go to the old town. There’s the Sunday market every Sunday morning where you can buy local clothes, shoes, fruits and so on. You can walk the narrow streets and eat in a nice restaurant
- Take braids for the kids – but mind the price. There are many African women doing this business in the streets and the price is always worth negotiating

Then there are these three attractions for those planning a whole day full of action:

- Aqualand in Palma, a big waterpark
- Hidroland in Alcudia, a smaller waterpark
- Katmandu theme park in Magaluf (4D theatres, minigolf, rides)
- Marineland (animals, dolphin and sealion shows)

We visited the waterparks 11 years ago with Antti’s kids. I remember in the bigger one there were a lot of queues, so I’d prefer the smaller one if I went again. But of course there are more exciting rides in the bigger one. We also visited Marineland earlier on. It was really nice. The area was big and cosy, the animals were great, and the shows were worth the price. Katmandu park we haven’t visited yet, for Isla (3 years old) it would have been too much maybe. The entrances for all of these attractions cost quite a lot though (for the waterparks an adult costs 24-26 euros, in Katmandu park the costs vary depending on the attraction packages).

Restaurants that I’d recommend in Alcudia:

Old Town, Alcudia, Mallorca

At the gate to the Old Town.

- The Indian restaurants: there’s one in Alcudia near the long shopping street and the other one is at the marina. Really good food, you can order it spicy or not spicy and in the one near the shops really good and friendly service too.
- Pizza Hut at the shopping street, tasty pizza
- The Boy at the shopping street: international good food
- The Italian restaurant in the Old Town, really good Tiramisu

The ones that I’d definitely not recommend:

- The big Chinese restaurant at the Marina: poor food, although friendly service
- Dakota Tex Mex: we usually love Tex food, but the food in these restaurants was just bad. And there are at least 3 of them in Alcudia!

Isla and raincoat

Isla getting ready for a walk back to the hotel in the rain.

Eating out was more expensive in Mallorca than it is here in the Almunecar area. It was around 50 euros for the whole family each time. Here we can easily eat with 20-30 euros a meal. Another thing that you need to be aware of are the taxis. Usually it’s easy to get a taxi, but if it’s raining, the waiting time for a taxi can be 1-2 hours. A few times we walked a long way to the hotel just because we didn’t want to wait that long in the rain. It took the same time to walk. At least we had some excercise:)

Holiday is always a holiday. I mean, it’s good to leave home for a while and do something else than the daily routines. To relax and take it easy. Although, like we’ve already noticed before, it can also be nerve-wrecking and hard with the kids. Not so much relaxation as you would imagine… But anyway, I like getting acquainted with different areas in Spain and educating myself. Among other things I noticed that they speak a different dialect in Mallorca.

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